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Think of Me and Angel of Music

Posted by Bryan Bedard - 6/7/2020

I recorded a couple more songs from Phantom of the Opera. I have been experimenting with different settings such as mic placement, gain level on the microphone, audio input level etc. I have also been trying different things to clean up the recordings with CyberLink AudioDirector. Previously I was using the "remove hiss" tool but I found that while it was nice to remove the background hiss, the piano sound became muffled and warped in some places. So, for these I kept the hiss. I am also applying equalizer settings that I came up via some experimentation to try to make the piano sound more natural. Not sure if that is working out but still learning. You be the judge. I will share my recording setup and process for editing the videos in an upcoming blog post.

Think of Me

Think of Me turned out pretty good overall. I recorded two versions, one is a bit slower than the other.

Angel of Music

I was really digging how this one sounded until the very end. Hit a few bad notes in the final chords. You can see my frustration in my facial expressions in the video. Oh well, the blog is called "mistakes and all" right?

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