Little Climber

Little Climber

Meet Little Climber, a 2D person in a 3D world. Little Climber needs your help traversing his 3D world. Help Little Climber by positioning falling blocks on a three dimensional plane to allow Little Climber to climb higher and higher as the world around him falls apart. The higher Little Climber climbs the higher your score and the happier Little Climber will be.


Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Relaxing game that anyone can enjoy.

Simple and fun with no stressful ads or in game purchases.

Play with touch screen, keyboard, mouse or game controller.

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JogTracker is an Android application that measures time and distance for runners, walkers and cyclists.

JogTracker uses GPS to track your position and calculate distance in miles or kilometers. JagTracker can also show your route on Google Maps to help you find your way. It is also a fun and useful tool for setting goals and tracking progress and allows you to view your jog history and stats on the web.

"JogTracker eschews bells and whistles to give you the pertinent info in a straight-talking, easy-to-digest style. A runner's/cyclist's/rower's/etc's, must-have."

- Michael Brook
Life of Android


Displays distance in miles or kilometers.

Shows both speed and pace.

Uses GPS and Google Maps to help you find your way.

Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing with friends.

Voice prompts at intervals keep you aware of your time, distance and pace without having to look at your phone.

Calculates calories burned.

A fun and useful tool for setting goals and tracking progress.

View your private jog history on the web. Allow only friends to see your history.

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JogTracker Pro

JogTracker Pro

JogTracker Pro unlocks additional features in JogTracker free edition. To access the pro features you need both versions of JogTracker installed.


Real time speed/pace charts.

Altitude (elevation) chart.

No advertisements.

Auto pause/resume.

Prevent screen from dimming during workouts.

All future Pro features.

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Play your favorite number puzzle game in 3D! There is a single solution to each cube.

Game play is simple, but solving the cube is a challenge! Can you do it?

On iOS, the game is free to try the first puzzle and the full set of puzzles is unlocked through an in-app purchase. On Android, the demo version is separate from the full verison. The demo version contains a single puzzle and advertisements. The full version has unlimited puzzles without advertisements.

Pick Your SudoCubed

GPS Toolbox

GPS Toolbox

GPS Toolbox helps you troubleshoot your GPS reception and provides simple GPS related tools that allows you to check your GPS signal strength, how many satellites are being used to pinpoint your location, check your location accuracy, measure the distance between two points (ie like a tape measure) and trace your route.



TerraClues is a unique web based interactive puzzle game that requires users to solve a series of clues by finding the correct location on embedded Google Maps display. Users can create their own hunts or just choose one of the hundreds of hunts created by other users. Many teachers have found this site to be an excellent learning tool for students and regularly incorporate TerraClues into their educational activities.

Yoga Flow On The Go

Yoga Flow On The Go

Yoga Flow On the Go is the app that lets you bring your yoga practice out of the studio and right into the comfort of your own home!

Choose from a variety of classes available for download right to your phone or tablet and move along to easy to follow guided instruction and imagery. Once a class is downloaded, it can be easily accessed at any time from anywhere - no WiFi or data connection needed!

Choose from a variety of classes geared towards beginners and experienced practitioners alike - from yin to slow flow to power yoga, find the class that suits your fitness level and mood from day to day.


A quality yoga experience at home or on the road without the need for WiFi or data connection.

Easy to follow guided instruction set to visual images.

The ability to play your own music in the background while the apps is running

Pause, rewind, fast forward, and skip segments to customize each class.

About Highway North Interactive

Highway North Interactive

At Highway North we create unique websites and mobile applications. We put fitness, fun and learning at your fingertips. We started in 2006 with the launch of TerraClues.

Today, we focus on mobile application development and specialize in the Android platform. JogTracker, our first Android application is one of the top applications in Google Play while our application Andrometer won second place in the Misc/Tools category of the Android Developer Challenge 2.

Highway North is based in Canada and was founded by three partners, Jay Cottrell, Mike Brennan and Bryan Bedard.

Visit Bryan Bedard's blog Mistakes and All for Highway North news and more.

Contact Us

Highway North Interactive is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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