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Re-introduction Etudes

Posted by Bryan Bedard - 6/7/2020

A little over a year ago my wife bought me piano book called Re-introduction Etudes by Chilly Gonzales. It's geared towards people who took piano lessons when they were young and want to get back into playing. I got back into playing several years ago but I still thought the book would be useful to me. I really enjoy playing these pieces and I like the way Chilly explains the techniques and the structure of the songs.

I recorded the first five songs. Historically, I have never been good at memorizing songs on the piano. As I work through the Re-introduction Etudes I am making a point to memorize each song to try and get better at this. The recordings are all from memory. I think playing from memory forces me to concentrate a bit more which leads to less mistakes.

Five Spot


Pleading the Fifth


Red Thread

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